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Singing Lessons

We identify an amazing vocal performance, when certain essential elements come together: a content or message that is consciously and authentically delivered by a vibrant, free voice, flexible enough to follow the artists intentions within a given musical structure, that is mastered.

Singing lessons consider and aim to improve all these elements (content, musical structure and flexible voice) and to bring them together. In order to gain the freedom to create, it is essential to set the voice free, by overcoming compensatory habits and by accessing a fully balanced state of tension and relaxation for the whole body, including healthy breathing support. We work on opening up the vocal resonance spectrum, embracing the natural voice, accessing the full range, gaining vocal flexibility and agility. Finally we explore different vocal styles (Contemporary music, Popmusic, Jazz, Musical, Chanson and Kunstlied) and forms of expressions if so wished, integrated into musically structured exercises and songs. We also work on mastering the structure - the chosen musical piece and the song lyrics. The singing technique serves the objective of the performance and the direct, authentic delivery of the musically expressed message or intention.

develope a unique, authentic and natural sound for singing popular genres and Chanson

beginners welcome