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Voice Recovery

When your voice gets hoarse, the tone is breathy or rough, you experience singing or even speaking as exhausting and you feel unpleasant when using your most personal instrument, voice recovery helps. Even professional actors, speakers and singers can reach a point in their career, where they face vocal limits, loose some vocal abilities by systematic vocal overstrain, compensatory habits, heavy colds or psychological and physiological pressure. This internalization of counterproductive habits can lead to loss of vocal freedom, limited range and flexibility or damage of vocal material and needs a sensitive, careful recovery, accompanied by a professional vocal coach.

To overcome specific vocal problems like hoarseness, compensatory habits of overpressing, manipulative breathing techniques etc. this recovery includes reflecting the circumstances that leaded to the specific problems, bodywork, breathing and vocal chords recovery, gaining back lost vocal abilities, finding ways to overcome the problems long term and learning new techniques to develop a sustainable, healthy vocal use withstanding the requirements of the artists professional life. The private Voice Recovery Coaching is open to everyone who uses his voice and wants to find a way to enjoy it fully, for actors and for speakers in the beginning of their way or using their voice frequently for professional purpose and for singers of all musical genres.

for singers of all musical genres

for speakers using their voice frequently for professional purpose