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Maria GoJa – Between Worlds

Imagine the deceptive calm in the eye of the storm that sweeps through wide landscapes, accompanied by a voice of crystal clear intensity and fragile intimacy. Maria GoJa’s songs are dedicated to the creative and destructive powers of life, revealing innerworldly experiences and otherwordly impressions. Her musical universe is shaped by travels between various musical styles and the intensity of her Berlin home. It takes us to familiar and unknown places beyond the tangible, to a fantastic elsewhere of our dreams and back down to earth into harsh reality.

Maria GoJa wanders between worlds, her music weaves connections, combines piano, orchestral elements, subtle, atmospheric sounds and expands into Indie Alt-Pop, Soul and Folk. Fiery in the depth with rumbling basses and floating in ethereal, icy soundscapes, held by a filigree network of atomic rhythmic structures and wayward melodies. Maria GoJa’s musical journey began early by exploring various genres, touring as solo singer and over the years she worked with artists such as Gemma Ray, Wittmann & Zeitblom, Hans Jörn Brandenburg and Beatrix Becker, performing on stages like Berliner Ensemble, Elbphilharmonie, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Nikolaisaal Potsdam, Columbia Theater and Imperial.

In 2012 she was invited by artist Shredy Jabarin to compose the soundtrack for his play MissFire. The intensive intercultural experience inspired her to compose music for other plays and films, including Sometimes at Night (2013), MissFire (2014), I am That (2014), Waiting for Giddo, Disconnections (2015), Song of Solomon (2019). During this phase her first music video Crying Dogs got Maria GoJa an invitation to the Festival for Intelligent Music / Songtage Magdeburg.  Since she presented her songs to the Berlin audience in Wade, Kaffee Burger, Schokoladen Mitte, Artenschutztheater and Jazz club B-Flat.

Maria GoJa's ideal sound is gradually shaped by her stations and the journeys in between. In her studio she is regularly crafting her unique sound into original songs, cover songs and film music.


Concerts with artists in Germany, Switzerland, Israel and San Fransicso at Berliner Ensemble, Konzerthaus, Nikolaisaal Potsdam, Imperial/Admiralspalast, Columbia-Club, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Songtage Magdeburg, Die Wabe, Artenschutztheater, Schokoladen Mitte, Kaffee Burger, B-Flat, Die Glocke, Stramu Würzburg ... and many others

Since 2000 performances for and with: ARD, Sat 1, Pro 7, ZDF, DW, DLF, Akademie der Künste, Herbstfilm, X-Filme, Kulturradio, Radio Bremen, SFB Radio, Triad Expo 2010, Leucorea Stiftung, Frauenhofer Institut, Guardini Stiftung, Haus Wäckerling Zürich, Pacific Institut San Francisco, Picnicrecords, The Box Collective, Pret A Diner, StageDiven!

Soundtracks for Theater and Film

Song of Solomon, filmmusic / Sixth Borough Productions New York 2019

Waiting for Giddo - Children of Light, filmmusic, shortfilm / AOBStudio 2015

Disconnections, filmmusic, shortfilm / AOBStudio 2015

I am that, filmmusic, shortfilm / AOBStudio 2014

MissFire, composer, theaterproduction, Theaterfestival of Acre, Arab-Hebrew Theater Tel Aviv / Shredy Jabarin 2014

Sometimes at Night, composer, musical director and performer, theaterproduction / The Box Collective 2013

Music videos and album releases

Without You I Can Breathe / 2021

Angstfrei / 2021

Soulquakes / 2019

Walls of Acre / 2018

Behind The Sun / 2017

Uncertainty / 2016

So What?! / 2016

MissFire album  / 2014

Crying Dogs / 2014

Kali / 2013

Sometimes at Night soundtrack album / 2013

Radio, TV and Movie

Radio Play (Hörspiel) "Ocean World" by Wilttmann & Zeitblom / DLF, NDR 2021

Award winning radio feature "Audio.Space.Machine" by Wittmann & Zeitblom / DLF, NDR, SWR 2019

Backing Vocals for Gemma Ray / DW TV 2014

Interview DeutschlandRadio broacast / Schönsprech 2012

Vocalist for Movie Drei / Tom Tykwer, X-Filme 2011

Radio Bremen with song Carry Your Load / 2010

Studio Recording for Blue Planet and Under One Roof / Triad Berlin Expo 2010

Vocalist for Movie Deutschland 09 / Wolfgang Becker 2009

Backing vocals for Blue, Yvonne Catterfeld and others / TV 2007